In addition to having been a psychologist for the past 25 years, I’ve forged a career as a writer and artist.

I have an online column at PsychologyToday.com, where I’ve had over 2 million reads, and have been published in many other online and print publications. I’ve co-authored two workbooks and written two unpublished memoirs with two new books in progress. I’ve been invited to workshop my memoirs at the prestigious Squaw Valley Writers Workshop and Lit Camp, and have been published in several print publications, including Flaunt Magazine, The Awakenings Review, and Anxy Magazine. An excerpt from a memoir was published online in The Guardian. I’ve also had extensive public speaking and teaching experience, including presenting at over 20 workshops and conferences and having been interviewed for a podcast, articles, and books.

I’m also a photographer. I’ve been commissioned for portraiture and my photography has been exhibited in several small shows and has sold to collectors and individuals. Historically, I have painted, drawn, and sculpted, and most recently have returned to drawing and collage.

While I cherish my alone time and solitude wherein I meditate, write, photograph, and make little drawings, I’m always up for adventure and live happily with my loved ones in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can view my creative CV here.

To find out more about my practice as a psychologist, feel free to visit my professional psychology website.